Monthly Meetings

Beginning with the Tuesday, September 21st meeting the Guild will resume our monthly meetings at the Medina Presbyterian Church. Masks are required. We will not be having refreshments at this time.

See the meeting page for details.

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Connie King

Connie King, the managing head of the Great Lakes Fiber Show, passed away on July 23, 2021.  Connie was a member of the Medina Spinning and Weaving Guild as well as many other guilds, She will be greatly missed. The question that many of you might have is what about the Fiber Show. Connie had been fighting her illness for a number of years and had set up committees to run the show, so all is well in hand and the show will continue.  We hope to see you all next May.

Nancy Page

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New Venetian Carpet at Hale Farm

Venetian carpet in the Meetinghouse at Hale Farm.

A new Venetian carpet, woven by Thistle Hill weavers, has recently been installed at Hale Farm, in the Meetinghouse. Hale Farm’s Facebook page says: “Restoration and preservation work continues on the Mary Ann Sears Swetland memorial meetinghouse. New handwoven carpet is being installed today, thanks to generous foundation and community support!”

Hale Farm weavers, twice wove Venetian carpets for the building. Several Medina Spinning and Weaving Guild members worked on the weaving of those carpets. Both carpets lasted about 18 years of many visitors and weddings before it was time to replace. 

This time around, I suggested they look into Thistle Hill Weavers, the studio of Rabbit Goody, in Cherry Valley, New York, to weave the many yards of carpet needed for the building. Thistle Hill Weavers specializes in weaving custom fabrics, carpets, trims for homeowners, museums and even the film industry on antique and handlooms. 

On their web page, Rabbit Goody says, “my love of machinery and my understanding that the old shuttle looms could be made to produce what I wanted more efficiently led me to find mills that were going out of business and procure old com­mercial looms that would have been destroyed for the value of the iron.”

Visit the web page of Thistle Hill Weavers and enjoy the Gallery pictures, bio of Rabbit Goody and under About Us, watch several videos of the mills machinery. And next time you visit Hale Farm, stop in the Meeting House to view the beautiful Venetian carpet.

 -becky monegan