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Medina Dye Day – June 16, 2018

The Medina Dye Day was a huge success thanks to Hollie, Becky, Cris, thirteen other avid dyers and the weather. Thank you Hollie for offering your home to guild members.
Sixteen enthusiastic dyers each brought twelve skeins of yarn for dyeing. You could tell that Becky and Cris were well seasoned dyers and had everything organized for the day. The directions were clear and everyone helped with the process. We tagged our yarn and placed it in the appropriate labeled mordant tubs: iron, chrome, alum, copper, tin and indigo. We prepared the pots and mordants and then waited for the yarn to soak. While waiting we caught up on individual projects and conversation. I had conversations with new acquaintances and watched all the spinners and knitters do their things. Nancy was working on a braided rug and Beth was weaving a Dorset Rug from dyed t-shirts. Knitters were making scarves, bags and socks. Spinners were spinning wool and all was good.
While waiting for yarn and dyes, Cris made available an Indigo dye bath. Dark blue yarn was the result after one dip. No need to dip again.
Once the yarn soaked in the mordants, it was placed on the grass waiting for the next step. Did you know a salad spinner is a great tool to use when wringing yarn?
We used madder root and weld for the dye bath. An hour later, the yarn was added to the dye baths changing colors depending on the mordants. There was light yellow, yellowish brown, tan, salmon and a variety of other colors. The weather was perfect along with the venue and friends. Thanks for making this day possible.
a reflection by Guild Member Barb Enos


Spinning Wheel Play Day

Want to learn about spinning and spinning wheels?

Medina Spinning & Weaving Guild invites you to come to our Spinning Wheel Play Day, Saturday, November 11, 2017 10:00 to 3:00. We will be at the Brunswick Public Library, 3649 Center Rd. Brunswick, OH 44212. You can come and ask questions or if you want to participate bring you spinning wheel or spindle and some fiber. There will be a potluck lunch.

2017 Medina Spinning Wheel PlayDay


Dye Day 2017

Hale Farm Blanket Project

Hale Farm And The Medina Spinning & Weaving Guild Blanket Project
A new blanket for the hired hand at Hale Farm’s Goldsmith House is being planned and we would love for guild members to be a part of this project, using wool roving provided by Hale Farm. The wool will be spun into a designated-size single yarn by guild members and then woven into a blanket at Hale Farm. The woven blanket is inspired by a blanket woven by Mary Ann Alexander Parks from Tennessee. Her blanket is one of many beautiful pieces in the book, “of Coverlets” by Sadye Tuen Wilson and Doris Finch Kennedy as part of the Tennessee Textile History project.
 Blanket Project Spin-In
On Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2,guild members are invited to come to Hale Farm for a spin-in at the Hale House, during which time you can spin wool for the blanket project. Contact Becky Monegan if you plan to attend so that your name will be on the volunteer list at the Gatehouse ticket counter. Hale Farm is open from 10:00-5:00 both days.  You may come and spin at your convenience during the two days. Becky’s contact info is 330-920-1448 or
If you can not come to the Spin-In but would like to participate in the project, bags of roving will be available at the October guild meeting.

SPINZILLA starts next week

Spinzilla is a world wide Spinning Contest.  This year there are 77 teams.  The Black Locust Farm/ Medina Spinning Guild Team is one of two in Ohio. Registration closes on Friday, September 30, the fee is $10 to join the fun.  The whole $10 goes to the The National Needlework Association’s Mentoring Program.  We are allowed 25 team members.  Below is a list of places where our team will be spinning.  It is your choice to come or just spin at home.  Please check back  to see updates. I personally may not be at all the spots. If you have to choose one spot please come to one of the times at Black Locust Farm in Lodi, the days are Friday and Saturday.
Go to to sign up.

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Hale Farm Saltbox House Curtains

Weaving In progressUpdated with picture of finished curtains in the Saltbox House.

A few years ago, at one of our May meetings, the guild awarded the raffle ticket collection to Hale Farm for the use of purchasing weaving supplies to make curtains for Hale Farm’s Saltbox House.

Those of us who took Melissa Weaver Dunning’s Arcadian Weaving Workshop, fell in love with the pattern “Cordonne”. As we each took our turn weaving several inches we all agreed that it would make lovely curtain material. When looking for a pattern for the Saltbox curtains, this pattern came to mind.  Continue reading

Fashion Show 2016

We had a great display of our creativity at our annual Spike Nielsen Memorial Fashion Show in May.

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International Scarf Exchange 2016

If you would like to participate in the International Scarf Exchange (otherwise referred to as the Australian Challenge) for 2016, The entry form is available here. It takes about two weeks for your fiber to get to Australia, so for it to get there by the March 18th deadline you need to mail it by March 1st. Continue reading

First Day of Spinzilla

Vicky, Karen, Bonnie and Nancy got together to start the week of Spinzilla. It was a beautiful day to be outside.


Spinzilla_editedI wanted to let you know that the Medina Spinning and Weaving Guild has joined The National Needlework Association (TNNA), This was so we could register as a team for SPINZILLA.  What is SPINZILLA ? This is a competition between spinners during National Spinning and Weaving Week. October 5 to 11.

If you would like to be a member of The Medina Spinning & Weaving Guild Team.  Here is what to do:

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