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Medina Dye Day – June 16, 2018

The Medina Dye Day was a huge success thanks to Hollie, Becky, Cris, thirteen other avid dyers and the weather. Thank you Hollie for offering your home to guild members.
Sixteen enthusiastic dyers each brought twelve skeins of yarn for dyeing. You could tell that Becky and Cris were well seasoned dyers and had everything organized for the day. The directions were clear and everyone helped with the process. We tagged our yarn and placed it in the appropriate labeled mordant tubs: iron, chrome, alum, copper, tin and indigo. We prepared the pots and mordants and then waited for the yarn to soak. While waiting we caught up on individual projects and conversation. I had conversations with new acquaintances and watched all the spinners and knitters do their things. Nancy was working on a braided rug and Beth was weaving a Dorset Rug from dyed t-shirts. Knitters were making scarves, bags and socks. Spinners were spinning wool and all was good.
While waiting for yarn and dyes, Cris made available an Indigo dye bath. Dark blue yarn was the result after one dip. No need to dip again.
Once the yarn soaked in the mordants, it was placed on the grass waiting for the next step. Did you know a salad spinner is a great tool to use when wringing yarn?
We used madder root and weld for the dye bath. An hour later, the yarn was added to the dye baths changing colors depending on the mordants. There was light yellow, yellowish brown, tan, salmon and a variety of other colors. The weather was perfect along with the venue and friends. Thanks for making this day possible.
a reflection by Guild Member Barb Enos


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Dye Day 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013, 10:00am-2:00pm, for Guild Members Only.

Three Different Dye Experiments:

  1. Ice Dyeing: fiber reactive Procion Dyes
  2. Dyeing on Sock Blanks: Jacquard Acid Dyes
  3. Bundle Wrap Dyeing: Natural Dyes

Items to bring:

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